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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


2021 has been a VERY difficult year for everyone, Including us here at Flashback.  We have been having an issue for the last few months getting messages from people.  We have finally figured that out.  When we installed a backup version of the site after a server issue a previously used email address was set to have emails forwarded to.  We didn't realize it for a while until a handful of customers reached out to us on Facebook.  So, if youve emailed us and have not recieved a response please just send the message again.  We apologize for the inconvienence.  I will be reaching out to customers as well. 

Also, though we are not having a Black Friday sale this year we do still have the "Buy 3 get 1 Free" sale still going.   We are gearing up for a GREAT 2022.  We just want to get all orders caught up before we release anything new.   The Pandemic has had far reaching affects on everyone and we hope things will get back to normal soon. 


Super Metroid Ascent




Legend of Zelda : Perils of Darkness




We have some new games to bring to you this month.  Be sure to check out the "NEW PRODUCTS PAGE". There is a some AWESOME new games.

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